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Optimize Your Entire Website From The Ground Up

Launch an SEO-focused content strategy to ensure business-critical web pages rank highly for valuable keywords and ideas.

Turn SEO Strategy Into A Market-Winning Asset

Websites that successfully use SEO to outrank rivals and build business need these things:

To do this, we truly aim to understand your business in brand. Then we put together a high-level SEO plan to revamp or launch your website with an understanding of how each page connects with your target audience.

The need for this holistic approach is simple: Without an SEO strategy to help rank all content on your site, you risk becoming just an online brochure that no one will find.

What is Our SEO Game Plan?

Mint Position’s SEO game plan is a full-service solution that strategically engineers your website to rank highly for relevant keywords, boost organic traffic, and generate more conversions.

We uniquely do this by combining a buyer-focused marketing strategy, user-friendly web design, select on- and off-site search engine optimization techniques, and analytics to monitor ROI.

seo game plan
seo game plan

Research & Strategy

Consumer and
Market Research

The first step is to understand your target market and how your product uniquely solves their problems. This requires obtaining a deep understanding of your product USPs, buyer personas, top competitors and product-market fit. We do this through a questionnaire and introductory calls.


Studying competitor website content is a proven route to SEO success. Start by naming your top direct and indirect competitors, and we’ll review their SEO profiles to identify which web pages are their top traffic sources, as well as any vulnerabilities they have that would allow us to outrank and steal traffic from them.

Industry Keyword

Our keyword research takes your industry and unique business into consideration and goes beyond measuring just volume. We study the top page formats for each SERP, keyword search intent and keyword difficulty to give more nuance to our keyword selection process.


The SEO efforts of your website should be anchored to a content strategy that focuses on the user experience. If your site is good for Google (or Bing) users, you’ll be rewarded with better search engine results. This document helps define content goals, KPIs, marketing priorities, and supporting digital marketing tactics.

On-Site SEO

Technical SEO audit

In our SEO game plan, an audit will address common technical issues, including broken links, orphaned pages, slow page speed, canonical tags, robots.txt errors and other SEO errors. Our aim is to act as a technical SEO consultancy to inform your team why these changes are needed, and help them execute them so that your website update has a fresh start.

On-Page Optimization

How each web page is uploaded to your site impacts Google search results. There are several on-page SEO requirements needed to optimize each page. This includes correct URLs, meta descriptions, alt image text, SEO titles, title tags, headers and other content-related information. If done correctly, we will be helping search engine algorithms correctly understand what our page is all about.

Website Architecture & UX

We organize our SEO game plan and web development projects by writing a sitemap to categorize each menu bar and section of your website. This helps us to organize your site in an SEO friendly way and provides a specific technical link to submit to Google. When planning site architecture, SEO experts consider user experience, web design layouts, internal linking, and local SEO opportunities. 

Off-Site SEO

Link Building Strategy

In our SEO game plan, we apply a variety of backlink building strategies with the objective of acquiring quality links from domains with high domain authority, which we measure through tools like Moz and Ahrefs. Some of the best link building comes from publishing content that is so valuable that people naturally link back to it. Our recommendation on which strategy is best often includes a mixture of outreach and unique content.

Social Media Marketing

Interacting on social media plays an important part in off-site SEO, and not just via company Linkedin or Facebook accounts. Having active and engaging conversations on social media provides valuable opportunities for your company to distribute its unique ideas. We do this by collaborating with influential experts and mentioning them when we post.  

White Papers & Ebooks

Original research is a powerful tool for establishing a Topic Authority in a niche area and building leads from people who are interested in the topic. White papers also encourage others to link and write about your website. Also, by being connected online to the report’s subject, search engines will begin to associate your website as an authority in that field. 

Analytics & Reporting

Analytics & Search Console

Your updated website has to correctly record Google Analytics and Google Search Console data. On GA4, this requires setting up conversion goals that will allow us to accurately report how each web page URL is performing in terms of different conversion events. Google Search Console is where the most accurate SEO traffic data can be found for your site, as well as the platform that will inform us if there are indexing errors on the site.

SEO & Content Reports

We measure every web page on your site to paint a data-driven picture of its performance on a granular level. We do this through quarter ROI reports, as well monthly SEO and traffic reports. Our quarterly report does a deep dive into your site analytics, and we present the effectiveness of strategic pages with 3 metrics: visibility, engagement and conversions.

Webpage CRO

Once we begin recording website data, we provide actionable insights on how to improve conversion rate optimization (CRO). This usually includes updating web copy to ensure top problems are clearly answered and product descriptions are more specific, as well as the use of more detailed evidence, such as testimonials, USP figures and case studies.

What Makes a “Well SEO’ed” Website?

Quality Content

Great SEO requires great content, and by “great” we mean user centric, unique and well-researched. Your web pages should include unique ideas that your company puts out into the world, engaging titles and images, and useful links to other pages on your site and external resources relevant to your audience.

Strategic Keywords

Choosing the right keyword can make or break SEO success. Most importantly, the page’s content has to match the search intent of the primary keyword that is being targeted. This requires understanding the psychology of how people search, then creating a page that best meets what they are looking for.

Clear Sitemap

Your website’s technical architecture plays a big role in how well users can find what they are looking for with the least amount of friction. Pages should not be buried deep on the site, and big questions should not be left unanswered. Menus and call to action buttons should be clearly created to motivate people to navigate your site.

What Makes Our SEO Strategy Different?

The Quality of Content

Without quality content, your website is just an online brochure. To make your website stand out on SERPs, we employ journalistic techniques, such as interviewing subject matter experts on your team and assessing quality research. Quality research and expert quotes can be used to create unique graphs or charts. This approach is applied to product landing pages, as well as case study and blog pages to ensure that your site creates a brand identity that cares about informing its user and is more than just an online store.

Conversion-Focused Web Design

Improving conversion rate optimization (CRO) is about motivating your user to discover your website while reducing friction in the process. This requires CRO-focused web design that nudges users to discover, learn and – finally – convert. We do this by ensuring that product descriptions, USP figures, FAQ sections, testimonials, case studies all play a role in motivating users to move along the path of least friction.

Multi-Keyword SEO

Google’s search engine has 5 main algorithms, and one of them detects and dischypers our query’s search intention. Understanding this technology, we don’t look at individual keywords, but rather an entire idea. This provides us with multiple keywords to target on each page. The ultimate aim is to rank your pages very highly for more than just one keyword.

Creative Content Strategies

A complete SEO game plan has to look beyond just publishing newly optimized landing pages. We provide creative tactics to add to content strategies that will enhance SEO performance and build brand equity. This includes the production of whitepapers or ebooks to develop topic authority and leads; the co-partnering of infographics with associations to build backlinks; and contributing to Quora threads by creating a purposely written blog article to participate in an industry-relevant discussion.


Launch Your SEO Game Plan

Schedule a free SEO strategy call to learn how we bring together SEO, content marketing and conversion-focused web design.

SEO Game Plan and Web Dev FAQs

We create budget estimates based on the number of pages required to fill in a proposed sitemap, as well as the amount of website development and technical SEO work needed on your current site. 

The sitemap is developed based on competitor research and briefs from your team. It organizes your website into menus and submenus with the objective of creating a site architecture that is easy to navigate.

Launching a new SEO strategy for your website is a completely custom service that varies on many factors, including your current website performance and marketing objectives, current web pages, and the amount of new pages needed. Typically, an SEO game plan relaunch of a website can take between 2 and 4 months. 

Most companies we work with reach ROI breakeven after publishing optimized pages for six months, but qualified leads can start to come in as soon as two months. There are many factors that determine how fast you’ll see results, including the age of your domain, your current marketing strategy, and the number of relevant optimized pages and backlinks you already have. 

Yes, an SEO game plan launch requires company support. Each web page will need graphic design work, such as feature images, branded photos, graphics and charts. We can provide a graphic designer or work with your in-house team.

Your project manager will need to dedicate at least 6 hours per week helping to provide content briefs, revisions and web design layout comments. Briefs may require them to help set up interviews with your internal experts, or provide specific data and information, such as product descriptions and screenshots.

Yes, existing web page content provides a great opportunity to improve content optimization since search engines are likely already ranking you for some keywords. Old content also provides opportunities to be reworked into new formats, such as white papers, case studies and infographics.

Your project manager will need to dedicate at least 6 hours per week helping to provide content briefs, revisions and web design layout comments. Briefs may require them to help set up interviews with your internal experts, or provide specific data and information, such as product descriptions and screenshots.