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Buyer-Focused Ideas. Not Individual Keywords.

Launch an SEO content strategy to produce buyer-focused web pages and blog articles with a mix of journalistic-quality research, multi-keyword SEO, and buyer funnels.

Buyer-Focused SEO Content Writing Services

Mint Position is an SEO-focused content marketing agency that produces all types of website content (service/product pages, industry pages, other landing pages, and blogs) using a digital marketing strategy that places buyer-focused ideas at its heart.

This is a unique approach to search engine optimization and content creation that borrows core principles from 3 different worlds: Journalistic Research, Buyer Psychology and Google’s Natural Language Algorithm.

This is an SEO-focused content marketing strategy that like to illustrate as the “Mint Position”:

What Makes Mint Position Different

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The 3-Point Mint Position Approach

Buyer Funnels

We study the psychology of a buyer journey for your business. Then we apply it to a content library that addresses each stage of buyer awareness, from unaware, to pain point aware to product aware, focusing on empathetic and product-specific copywriting. User experience, demographics and buyer pain points are all taken into consideration for each piece of web content produced. We tie it all together with strategically placed internal links.

Multi-Keyword SEO

Google’s Natural Language AI rewrites our search queries to interpret our search intent, so a focus on only individual keywords is misplaced. Instead, we target groups of buyer-focused ideas through many related keywords in an approach we call “Multi-Keyword SEO.” By targeting multiple related search terms, we are able to rank a single piece of content highly for a variety of keywords.

Journalistic-Quality Research

Conducting interviews and assessing quality research is naturally what great journalists do. SEO writing can borrow from this. By interviewing experts in and outside of your company, we can add unique angles that make for engaging content on a marketing and editorial level, as well as give social media more traction by mentioning our interviewees. These unique ideas help stand out on SERPs. Unbiased research with strong external links also adds credibility and builds trust.

Our 5-Part SEO Content Marketing Services Plan

1. Customer & Keyword Research

To start, we conduct questionnaires and video calls with the company members most in touch with your target audience to better understand your business and define buyer personas, which directly inform how we identify a list of industry keywords with high buyer intent that your brand needs to own.

Here, we also discover which keyword and content strategies are already working in your industry by doing a competitor analysis. By understanding the types of content that attract the most traffic for your competitors, we can exploit their content gaps and steal keyword positions by writing more in-depth and comprehensive content.

2. Content Strategy & Agenda

Next, a content strategy and agenda are launched to outline our marketing objectives and parameters for addressing your target audience. The content strategy is a quarterly document that sets out KPIs, content goals and buyer persona rules, which act as goalposts and guidelines for our content team.

The content agenda is our most collaborative document and is used to track and define the writing process for SEO article production. The document organizes each piece of content by publication status, target keywords, keyword rationale, buyer awareness stage, Clearscope score, working title and other editorial information.

3. Journalistic-Quality Production with Buyer Funnels

We put our strategy into action with the aim of building a content library that “mind maps” awareness stages with articles that address each stage of the buyer journey, from completely unaware to most aware brand evangelist. We pay particular attention to the “product aware” phase by creating product pages or articles with valuable buyer-focused keywords. 

Content is produced by a team of SEO experts and professional writers that conduct journalistic-quality research and interviews with subject matter experts. We interview external experts to add authority to your site’s top-of-funnel content, and we interview your company’s own internal experts as we go down the funnel. Once published, this allows us to mention interviewees in social posts for more engagement.

Our Multi-Keyword SEO approach is applied here in a variety of ways, including by selecting related keywords that will appear in headings, and thus potentially as a Google search engine results page FAQ. This helps use create SEO-friendly content that builds brand awareness and search traffic through multiple keywords, sometimes 12+ in the #1 position per article.

4. Social Media Management & Advertising

Social media is a key distribution channel, and regularly publishing and/or advertising on these platforms is important to jumpstart search engine rankings for new content. We manage social media posting schedules for all platforms with a comprehensive and easy-to-manage calendar. Your project manager will be able to easily review and approve each post text and images to schedule during the next week. We typically aim to post 5+ posts per week, and we produce our own images and memes, as well as surveys and other engagement-focused content.

Our team also manages digital ad campaigns for social media and Google ads, including all ad copy, look-alike landing pages for A/B testing, and CRO for ads. The ad campaign is managed in this way to reduce your CPC and cost per customer.

5. SEO Content ROI Reporting

Analyzing what works is the most important step. We present quarterly content marketing ROI reports that measure 3 main metrics: visibility, engagement and conversions. Reports are made by using analytics gathered on Google Analytics, Google Search Console and SEMRush.

We consistently monitor our content to discuss during biweekly strategy meetings, and we alert your project manager if there are any large changes in ranking. Because we track your website, this means we are often the first to know if any major changes occur.

What Defines “High-Quality Content” for Google

Search Intent

How well content meets the intention behind a user's query is one of the most important ranking factors. This requires writing content with a user-centric method that dissects buyer psychology, anticipating what searchers are looking for and giving it to them.


Google wants to give its users the best content. This requires adding unique and credible insights, which helps our titles stand out on SERPs, as well as grab the attention of readers with provoking ideas.

Topic Authority

The more we you publish about a certain topic, the more you will be able to bulid an authority on that topic. This authority is visible to Google and allows us to easily create internal links between your pages.

What to Expect Working with Mint Position


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SEO Content Services FAQs

Every company has unique needs, so our pricing packages are flexible. Ultimately, pricing for launching an SEO content marketing plan can vary depending on a variety of factors. What you aim to achieve and in what period of time influences the overall cost, as well as the maturity of your current website and content marketing strategy, which will determine the level of support you’ll need.

Our experience has taught us that publishing at least 3-4 SEO-focused pages every month is the ideal frequency. Thus we recommend this quantity to ensure steady website visitor growth. 

Most companies we work with reach ROI breakeven after six months, but qualified leads can start to come in as soon as two months. There are many factors that determine how fast you’ll see results, including the age of your domain, your current marketing strategy, and the number of relevant optimized pages and backlinks you already have.

Yes, SEO writing services require company support. Each page will need graphic design work, such as feature images, branded photos, graphics and charts. We can provide a graphic designer or work with your in-house team.

Your project manager will need to dedicate at least 3-4 hours per week helping to provide content briefs and revisions. These briefs may require them to help set up interviews with your internal experts, or provide specific data and information, such as product descriptions and screenshots.

Yes, existing website content provides a great opportunity to improve content optimization since search engines are likely already ranking you for some keywords. Old content also provides opportunities to be reworked into new formats, such as white papers and infographics.