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Your market-leading story starts with our SEO strategy.

Outrank competitors, reach farther, convert faster.

We’re an SEO-focused content marketing agency that combines journalistic-quality research, multi-keyword SEO, and buyer funnels to get new customers for B2B and B2C companies.

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Rank for valuable keywords with unique content that solves your customers’ top problems.

That’s the Mint Position.

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Our SEO & Content Marketing Services

SEO-Focused Content

Think content made for buyers, not individual keywords. Create website content (service/product pages, industry pages and blogs) to rank for buyer-focused ideas.

Our in-house approach includes 5 steps: keyword research; content strategy; journalistic-quality production; social media; and ROI analytics reporting.

Strategic Backlink Building

Rank faster for high-value, competitive keywords with customized backlink outreach.We identify quality websites in your industry with high domain authority and organic traffic to earn you valuable backlinks.

We also establish a content strategy built to generate passive links over the long run.

SEO Game Plan & Web Development

Looking to engineer SEO into the foundation of your website?

We’ll revamp your site with an SEO game plan that ensures each page and image in your sitemap is produced to rank. Includes web development, graphic design and copywriting services.

White Paper Production

Publish long-form content that educates and informs your audience in exchange for giving you their contact details.

We use academic and journalistic techniques to build authority into our reports and guides, as well as a graphic design team for creative infographics and charts.


Why Mint Position

Our Journalism Expertise

Our founder is a veteran journalist with over 10 years’ experience publishing with some of the world’s largest media, including the BBC, CNN, Newsweek, The Guardian and more.

Our Unique Approach

We mix the interviewing and research skills of a journalist, the empathy of great copywriting, and AI-powered SEO tools to produce content that builds business.

Our Focus on Conversions

We create a conversion-focused SEO plan that answers top pain points, provides clear solutions, and supports claims with evidence.

Our Copywriting Process

Buyer psychology is at the foundation of our work. We aim to understand your business model and the thought process that goes into how customers make purchase decisions.

Our Relationships

Businesses we work with often say that we are more than just an agency, but rather a “part of the team” and “a strategic partner.”

Our Communication and Reporting

We aim to regularly communicate with all companies we work with. This is primarily through frequent Slack chats, biweekly strategy calls and quarterly ROI report presentations.

Content is King, But SEO is the Crown

Become the leader of your digital kingdom by ranking for high-value keywords. It all starts with a FREE SEO and content marketing strategy session.