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Mint Position is an SEO-focused content marketing agency that helps companies turn organic traffic into a powerful channel for building business.

Why Mint Position Was Created

Companies rarely maximize the potential business that SEO-focused web content can generate. Our team of professional writers and SEO web strategists help solve this.

Founded in February 2020 just before the onset of the Covid-19 pandemic, Mint Position was born after professional journalist Justin Calderón realized that most company web content underperforms when it comes to building organic search traffic, engagement and conversions.

Justin’s journalism career spanned over a decade of publishing with the world’s top media, a period that saw him travel the world to interview over 400 CEOs at the top of the private sector in their nations. These large companies would pay tens of thousands of dollars for advertorial spaces in these popular media, only to see the traffic come and go as fast as it appeared.

This is – and has been – the popular thought of what content marketing is for many companies, which is why so many still pay extraordinary amounts of money for sponsored media posts or PR agencies.

Meanwhile, on the other side of the spectrum, many startups tried to emulate these vanity publications, hiring writers to essentially treat content marketing as an opportunity to fill their blogs with press releases or thought leadership posts that generated precious little ROI.

A dramatically different approach was needed, one that maintained the authority-building techniques of a journalist while ensuring each piece of content is published to meet the needs of buyers, thus improving search engine rankings and building business.

Mint Position was created to solve this common challenge by uniquely combining three worlds: Journalistic-Quality Research, Multi-Keyword SEO and Buyer Funnels.

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Mint Position produces content by conducting professional interviews with subject matter experts, including external experts and those within your company. This is something that a journalist like Justin naturally did, but it needed something more.

We then apply journalistic research methods to what we call Multi-Keyword SEO, an SEO content strategy that places the importance of search intent and buyer-focused ideas over the individual keyword. This would ensure our well-researched content was going to be visible on Google from many different keywords, and for the long run.

Our team of SEO strategists then ensures this formula is plugged into a content strategy that fills out a buyer funnel, whereby every piece of content on your website is labeled for a different stage of awareness in the buyer journey. This ensures that we build a content strategy with conversion optimization in mind, writing in call to action messages and internal links with the purpose of motivating users to dig deeper towards converting.

The final product is a results-backed system that brings your brand to the top of search results — ahead of the competition — while ensuring a message-market fit that generates quality inbound leads, awareness and brand equity.

Why We’re Positioned as An SEO-Focused Content Marketing Agency

Put professional SEO and content marketing on autopilot.

Content marketing strategies are most effective when SEO is the focus. But SEO and content marketing include such broad fields of digital marketing that combing them creates a complex operation that requires a strategic game plan to effectively manage.

Mint Position wants to help companies benefit from great SEO while implementing a system to manage all the moving parts required by a content marketing strategy. This includes quarterly content planning, authoritative research built on unique ideas, internal linking to create engaging content libraries, backlink outreach, social media distribution, on-page conversion optimization, and analytics reporting.

At the end, you’ll have a tried and tested system that ensures each piece of web content ticks off the SEO box, all while meeting inbound lead generation objectives, this way you can put everything on autopilot.

Our Founder

Justin Calderón

A veteran journalist, Justin spent over a decade writing for top media and interviewing leaders of government and business. He founded Mint Position after noticing that most companies don’t optimize their product pages and blog content to build business and brand equity.

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Our Team

Dan Marriott

Content Strategist

Lusine Simonyan

Link Outreach Specialist

Katherine Torres

Social Media Manager


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