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Build valuable, long-term organic traffic with buyer-focused ideas – not individual keywords – made possible by truly understanding what makes your fintech unique.

We’re Fintech SEO Specialists

Mint Position is a fintech-focused SEO agency that specializes in producing data-driven fintech content – including blog articles, product pages, and industry pages – that rank highly and build business.

Here is how our approach starts:

Fintech companies are particularly suited for growth strategies based on organic traffic-generated leads.

SEO is lower cost compared with paid channels, especially in an industry with traditionally high CPA. Customers often need to be educated and/or informed. And content marketing is an important tactic for building trust in financial services, a world where trust is getting harder to win.

Yet, many fintechs today still don’t understand how to apply a buyer-focused SEO content strategy.

At Mint Position, we’ve seen time and again how combining buyer-focused fintech SEO keywords with educational content marketing ideas is the best way to unlock organic traffic that grows revenue.

In this way, we act as an SEO-focused content marketing agency for financial services to produce journalistic-quality web pages, which are infused with multiple keywords that speak to specific buyer search intents, all with the mission to fire your website up Google rankings and generate leads.

The result? Fintech SEO and content marketing that maximizes your online visibility and brings in the right kind of organic traffic to drive revenue.

Fintech SEO ROI Averages

Average organic growth

organic traffic growth in 12 months

Average time on page

minutes (blog posts)

compared to 52 second industry average

Average conversions

conversion rate

* Data taken from 3 fintech clients

Our team of fintech writers produces content that cuts through to your target audience with well-researched topics, statistics, graphs and images.

The end result is a content library that can rank for competitive, buyer-focused ideas most likely to convert your audience.

For example, take a look at UAE-based investment platform Sarwa, which ranks above Forbes and CNBC for an article we produced about “how to build wealth from nothing.”

fintech seo agency

This article and others in the same category — how-to investment articles — contribute to many new signups every month for the company. 

We do this by following a few rules:

Aided by the distribution power of social media platforms, our clients have reaped the rewards of this strategic approach.

Whether a B2B or B2C fintech brand, visitors stay on your website five times longer with Mint Position’s SEO approach, leading to an average blog conversion rate of 3.14%.

Looking to build a fintech SEO and content marketing strategy?

Contact us or schedule a call and we’ll demonstrate how we use SEO-focused content marketing to build organic traffic with high buyer intent.

Why is Fintech SEO so important?

In a crowded financial technology industry, increasing valuable online traffic is crucial to sustainable growth.

However, to succeed in the world of fintech, we must apply more specific SEO tactics that a general SEO program may not consider. These tactics are applied understanding that the industry is highly competitive and regulated, and your market is often very unaware and skeptical. 

Companies that don’t have a content-focused fintech SEO strategy today thus risk losing market share.

Indeed, the five main Google algorithms built into its search engine will only favor highly specialized content that uniquely meets the SERPs’ on-page SEO criteria and attracts quality backlinks. Websites must also deliver well-researched and valued-added information for users.

Why do search engines demand this? Because search engine algorithms are created to bring the best quality information and experience to their users. Our SEO content strategy must do the same.

1. Fintech customers crave information

Fintech innovation has created a high learning curve for all sorts of buyers, meaning that fintech customers often go online with a specific intention to do their homework before they make a buying decision – whether the buyer is a high-ranking executive looking for a new payroll system or a stressed single parent needing a new bank card.

Research from analytics firm LSA Insights found this to be true for the majority of customers across a range of financial industries, reaching up to nine out of 10 people when it comes to loans and mortgages.

Our job is to give them the information they’re looking for, but gift-wrapped in a way that convinces them that your brand is the option they should choose.

2. Fintech SEO lowers a high cost per acquisition (CPA)

One of the biggest barriers to growth in the fintech industry are the high CPA costs that make it hard to expand your customer base. In fact, it can be a key factor in success or failure.

While sponsored search results can help, the most successful startups are those that can create more sustainable and cost-effective streams for lead generation away from pay-per-click (PPC).

Quality fintech search engine optimization lowers CPA costs by boosting organic traffic and improving the quality of leads. Valuable content creation and high-quality backlinks maximize your visibility, while customers are more likely to convert because they were brought to your website via optimized keywords.

When done well, this approach has the power to dramatically enhance your company’s return on fintech digital marketing investment.

3. Fintech SEO cuts through industry jargon

From P2P to KYC, the fintech industry is full of terms and buzzwords that might confuse the customers you’re trying to acquire.

Trouble is, confused customers are more likely to get frustrated and less likely to convert.

The art of great fintech marketing and SEO is taking complex concepts and making them easy to understand for your buyers through clear and concise writing. An attractive website design and page layout also aids the user experience.

Great fintech SEO services excel at this as they put themselves in the shoes of customers. This is why understanding buyer psychology is so important.

Forming detailed buyer personas through intensive market research, using relevant language, and applying analytics to measure the success of marketing campaigns are all vital ways of creating empathy with the target audience.

4. Fintech SEO builds Topic Authority and client trust

Fintech startups are often hindered by one common industry pain point: a lack of trust among customers.

According to a 2022 Mastercard survey, less than a third of consumers ‘strongly trust’ fintech brands, ranking them below banks, credit card companies, and established tech startups.

As well as the tricky jargon outlined above, customers may also get spooked by the fresh-faced nature of fintech. They might be concerned about the regulatory oversights and data breaches that have dogged the industry in recent years. Fintech SEO, then, helps build trust through providing a strong, reassuring voice for brands via well-written factual content like academic white papers and longform articles. It aims to create a strong brand identity that customers have faith in and come back to time and again.

A specialized digital marketing agency:
4 strategies that make our fintech SEO services different

Our fintech SEO agency applies proven methods to your brand’s individual needs and goals to turn a trickle of interest into a steady long-term stream of new leads and conversions.

Here’s how.

1. Our custom fintech SEO approach: Content strategies to build Topic Authority

There are 28,000 fintech companies in the world. But each one is different.

At Mint Position, we know our three-point approach works, but we also understand that adapting it to each client’s unique goals and needs is crucial.

This is why we build a custom fintech SEO masterplan for each project, combining the best of three content marketing worlds and tailoring it to your brand’s objectives.

Buyer Funnels

While great fintech SEO draws the right visitors to your brand, you still need to guide them on a strategic buyer journey aimed at making them convert.

We prefer to call this journey the buyer funnel because we place the buyer’s psychology at its heart. This means that writers are required to understand your target market’s specific search intention at each awareness stage: from curious visitors to the 99%-convinced buyer with their mouse hovering over the ‘buy’ button.

A complete buyer funnel will end up creating a large library of evergreen content interwoven with many internal backlinks that keeps your audience around for longer (in what we call the “Wikipedia effect”), improving the chances of conversion.

The keywords and ideas most likely to convert your audience will be positioned at the bottom of this funnel, with all the other pages of the funnel linking down to those blog articles or landing pages (the bottom of the funnel can have both formats!). This strategy is also known as a content hub. 

Multi-Keyword SEO

Our content strategies target buyer-focused ideas that can naturally include multiple keywords per page, which help your chances of getting more high Google rankings and accelerating the inflow of valuable organic traffic.

The idea behind multi-keyword SEO comes from an understanding of how Google’s natural-language-processing tool, BERT, works within its search engine. This algorithm is tasked with trying to understand what the user is actually looking for, and it rewrites queries to match what it believes the user really wants. It is central to understanding how Google interprets queries today and also indicates that broader concepts and ideas, not individual keywords, are the most important part of producing content for SEO.

This process is compounding, and growth typically speeds up after 6 months. These terms are thus the building blocks toward creating a Topic Authority that keeps you at the top of Google SERPs for the long term.

Journalistic-Quality Research

Websites establish a Topic Authority with search engines by producing content with the same level of uniqueness and editorial substance that all true thought leaders possess.

Creating this kind of authority requires conducting journalistic-quality research and interviews that aim at eliciting unique ideas from both internal and external subject matter experts.

When the three above factors come together, we reach the sweet spot that we call the ‘Mint Position’: the home of top-ranking fintech SEO marketing campaigns.

What Makes Mint Position Different

mint position agency

2. Our multi-keyword research and market analysis: Using "Easy Win SEO" to rank faster

The fintech industry is littered with high-difficulty keywords that can alienate or intimidate.

Companies with young websites, therefore, need an SEO keyword strategy that goes after high-value, buyer-focused ideas while avoiding impossibly difficult individual keywords (such as “bitcoin” or “banking app”, etc.).

Instead, we like to prioritize writing content for specific buyer-focused topics that are most likely to convert your target audience with your unique product or service.

Following a detailed analysis of your business and niche, we compile a content agenda of multi-keyword topic ideas (which include secondary keywords) that anticipate your target customer’s top pain points. We then pluck out the most potent buyer-focused ideas that are attached to some low-difficulty words: the low-hanging fruit that will fast-track you to a bountiful supply of relevant organic traffic.

We call this “Easy Win SEO”, an approach that many marketers overlook. And it is one of the best ways to build organic growth in highly competitive markets.

When applied this to Sarwa, a UAE-based investment platform, deciding to target numerous low-difficulty keywords when we launched. This included a really specific article on “how to buy US stocks in the UAE” (which like many pieces of content we have since updated to stay competitive). The target keyword is a long-tail phrase and has a low difficulty and plenty of related secondary keywords to rank for, making it perfect for “Easy Win SEO.”

Today, that article still ranks #1 in their target market and brings in many new customers each month, given that the article is so specifically related to what a buyer of their product is looking for. 

An in-depth keyword competitor analysis is really helpful in this strategy. We get powerful insights into where heavy traffic is flowing by studying direct, and even indirect, competitors. For a fintech startup, this means studying not just your competitors, but also related players that overlap in your industry, too.

Through this, we can pin down opportunities with lots of keywords — some that we probably did not think of — that will allow you to outrank the competition and make you stand out in front of your target audience.

3. Pain Point SEO: Understanding organic search psychology

Imagine sitting down with your target customer one-on-one to explain how your service can solve the issues that are bugging them.

Pain point SEO is the digital marketing way of doing this: it draws on various fields of buyer psychology to develop a finely detailed buyer persona and a deep empathetic understanding of customer needs.

Mint Position excels at using this information to produce finely tuned SEO content marketing that guides the buyer down the buyer funnel we mentioned earlier. We achieve this by conducting interviews with your sales team, and/or by guiding them on how to collect these ideas from your customers.  

We then produce buyer-focused content infused with multi-keyword strategies that take the target customer from a state of unawareness or anxiety to the point of sale swiftly and efficiently.

4. Our backlink building strategies for fintechs

According to leading digital marketing tool SEMrush, backlinks are one of the most important metrics that determine how you rank on Google SERPs, yet 94% of online content receive zero links from other sites. In fact, only 2.2% of content has backlinks from multiple websites.

Just think of how many of your rivals are missing out on this powerful part of SEO.

Source: Backlinko

Mint Position approaches backlink building by making sure we only build backlinks to your website from relevant, high-authority domains.

We do this by measuring the domain authority, organic traffic and spam scores of relevant websites in your industry, then we reach out to the top performers to request a prominent link from their content back to your article or landing page with strategic anchor text to match our topic.

We also produce guest posts infused with strategically placed links on top blogs and websites, including Mashable, Marketwatch, and more.

The result? A sharp boost to your rankings as Google learns to associate your brand with trustworthy and reputable content.

Mint Position: The three-point approach to rank and build business

Deploying content strategies, “Easy Win” and pain point SEO, and strategic backlinking all sounds great in theory, but as a fintech CEO or marketing head, you’ll be looking for concrete proof that they work.

Mint Position’s unique three-point blend of high-quality journalism, content marketing, and SEO – tweaked and honed by AI tools – has enabled us to guide our clients to the top of rankings with high buyer-intent content.

See Sarwa was able to hit top spot in a long list of high-difficulty, high buyer-intent and high-volume keywords.

This case study serves as a testament to the power of fintech SEO and its ability to drive relevant traffic for businesses operating in highly competitive industries.

With the right approach, fintech companies can harness the full potential of SEO to reach their target audience and achieve even growth even in the most competitive markets.

We’ve worked with them

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Request a free SEO strategy consultation to find out how our fintech SEO approach can help you unlock a long-term pipeline of conversions.

Fintech SEO Agency FAQs

Most companies we work with reach ROI breakeven after six months, but qualified leads can start to come in as soon as two months. There are many factors that determine how fast you’ll see results, including the age of your domain, your current marketing strategy, and the number of relevant optimized pages and backlinks you already have. 


Fintech is a highly competitive and regulated industry that is defined by high-difficulty keywords. We aim to work with marketing and product teams to help identify buyer-focused topics that your site can uniquely and quickly rank for to generate high-value organic traffic.

The cost of our fintech SEO service depends on a variety of factors. What you aim to achieve and in what period of time influences the overall cost, as well as the maturity of your current website and content marketing strategy, which will determine the level of support you’ll need. 

For a customized quote, contact us for an SEO consultancy call. We’ll review your current website performance and recommend what actions will best fit your unique business.

Once you sign up, our team of fintech SEO strategists will take the driving seat, but you will still need to offer valuable input throughout the process via interviews with internal experts, content briefs, and reviewing content pre-publication. Each article will also require graphic design for images, which we can provide as an additional service with our own designer.

All in all, we estimate a minimum of three hours per week for supporting work. We’ll do our best to keep any extra time to a minimum and leave you to dedicate more time to running your business. 

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