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Build High-Authority Backlinks to Boost Your Search Engine Rankings

Launch a link building strategy to speed up search engine rankings with high-authority link placements using editorial link insertions, guest posting, and link-magnet content.

Customizable Link Building Services for SEO

Mint Position acts as a link building agency to support our SEO-focused content production with the aim of speeding up how fast your content ranks and, thus, generates valuable organic traffic.

Backlinks are a core metric in search engine algorithms. Google identifies how to rank your web pages based partially on the quality of other websites linking back to yours, making backlink building a fundamental part of SEO content production.

Our backlink building service has flexible pricing packages, which means that no matter the size of your current marketing goals, we’ll have a customized option for you.

The foundation of our approach is based on a link building strategy that combines a variety of manual outreach tactics, digital PR and high-quality content creation, which we call “link-magnet content.”

Our Backlink Building Services

Editorial Link Insertions

We prospect for high domain authority websites to add strategically placed webpage links from your company into existing articles or blogs. This requires manual outreach work to shortlist high-authority websites that are relevant to your industry, have high organic traffic and low spam scores.

Placing editorial backlinks in existing content requires blogger outreach, so we have built a large network of blogs and websites to readily tap for this link building tactic. Once relevant and high-quality sites are identified, we’ll propose strategic anchor text that will communicate to search engines that the linked content is relevant and of high value to users. Having this relevant link benefits your site, adding authority to your backlink profile, as well as the original poster, which now has a new relevant source for readers.

Guest Posting Services

Writing and publishing guest posts allows us to completely control the topic of the article, as well as where all of its backlinks are placed and over which anchor text. We usually propose to place 2-3 backlinks into our guest posts, which are written specifically for the audience of the blog or media channel where they will be published.

We maintain relationships with a number of authoritative websites, including Markewatch, Mashable and niche sector blogs, which we can readily contact for the publication of guest posts. This tactic is especially powerful for link building campaigns that include very unique ideas that may not have a lot of existing content on the web already. In this case, creating that content ourselves and then publishing it on high-quality sites is often the best way to support SEO strategy.

Link-Magnet Content

One of the best link building techniques is to purposely create content that is so useful, insightful and unique that other users on the internet will naturally want to link back to it. This is where content marketing plays a huge role, and does the availability of unique in-house data or research. By publishing infographics, reports, surveys, lists or other studies on a topic of high-interest, we’ll be able to spread your unique insights around on social media to start engagement that will lead to passive link building.

Link-magnet content is the most data-intensive kind of digital marketing, but it can and should be the source of large amounts of links for your website’s backlink profile over time. We approach link-magnet content by first looking at unique and proprietary data that a company might be able to turn into engaging articles, then we apply it to a content strategy with the objective of publishing on our own site to attract high-quality backlinks.

Social Media Links

Besides posting content on your own social media platforms, it helps to constantly survey the internet for discussions and forums where people are talking about topics in your industry. These social media threads allow great opportunities for us to purposefully create content that can add value to the conversation.

Quora, Reddit, Facebook Groups, and Linkedin Groups all provide lots of opportunities where we can respond to discussions in the form of an educated answer, supported by a link for more information and resources. If the source we provide to the conversation is relevant, insightful and engaging, then users are likely to share and like it, potentially even leading search engines to rank our comment.

Link Exchange

Conducted link exchange is a good tactic for established websites, as well as younger ones that have good relationships with partners and vendors. However, if your website has good domain authority, high-quality links in your profile, and strong organic traffic, it will be much easier to convince other high-authority websites to exchange links between existing content.

Typically, a good place to start looking for link exchanges are partner sites that you already engage with. Are you partnered with a local business, agency or software tool? Then there may be an opportunity to exchange links with them (even if your site is young).

EDU and Wikipedia Link Building

The quality of your backlinks is a deciding ranking factor for your web pages, which is why scholastic sites (ending in .edu) and sites like Wikipedia can play a powerful role. Google views educational and encyclopedic websites as highly authoritative, and getting backlinks from them can greatly boost your organic search performance.

Getting backlinks from these sites is not easy and may not be relevant for all companies. However, if your company is able to publish information that can be used as a resource for an academic topic or to update an encyclopedia page on Wikipedia, then this tactic is available. This would include unique and updated data for market and consumer data, as well as any other information that could be seen as valuable for the public.

Press Release

We are an SEO agency before a PR agency, but press release writing can also be used for quality link building. The difference here is that we produce press releases with the objective of obtaining dofollow links for SEO purposes.

We have a network of news wire services, popular online media and blogs to publish press releases on. This copy should announce a newsworthy activity, and we write it in the style that fits the website where it will be published.

Backlink Audit Services

SEO experts tend to view websites like gardens; even once and while, they need to be pruned. A backlink audit is a key way to identify the quality of your current backlink profile, any toxic backlinks, broken links and opportunities for new links following a competitor backlink analysis.

A good backlink audit is a very human task that must be customized to your website’s maturity and backlink profile. For example, over time your site may naturally attract toxic backlinks. This will be solved by disavowing them directly to Google. Importantly, if the audit is done at the beginning of a link building campaign, then we’ll conduct a large study of competitors to identify which high-authority sites are linking back to them.

Our Link Building Process

1. Site Prospecting

Our process starts by prospecting for quality websites that are relevant to your industry. We identify sites through competitor analysis, search engine research, and blog directories.

2. Metrics & Site Vetting

We have a strict vetting system that helps to shortlist prospects based on various website metrics, including domain authority, organic traffic, website industry relevance and spam scores. We use tools such as Ahrefs and Moz to study metrics.

3. Manual Outreach

We then reach out to webmasters to propose why our content makes a good fit on their site. This can include some negotiation, such as for the number of links in a guest post, as well as where we want to place our anchor text in an already existing article.

4. Backlinking Reporting

We record all backlinks by metrics, type of link and anchor text used. This report also allows us to keep a record in case a backlink may be removed, in which case we’ll contact the webmaster to fix the situation.

White Hat vs Black Hat SEO

White Hat

White-hat link building are backlinks that are created according to the guidelines put out by search engines. For example, Google promotes natural backlink placement that occurs from high-value content. This includes placing relevant sources into relevant sites, as well as mutually beneficial link exchange. All in all, white hat linking is about caring for the user as much as Google does.

Black Hat

Black hat link building is when tactics that are contrary to Google guidelines are employed. Many of these tactics don’t work anymore because search engines have published algorithm updates specifically to end them. This includes the practice of hidden text, whereby you publish an article that has “whited out” text of your target keyword repeated in the copy. This can also include the use of PBNs that create hundreds of low-quality links. Google has increasingly shifted towards quality over quantity to disparage this.

The 3 Ingredients of A ‘High-Quality’ Backlink

Good Metrics

We choose backlinks based on 4 metrics: domain authority, page authority, organic traffic and spam scores.

Website Relevance

The website, individual web page and text that surrounds your anchor text must be relevant to your website.

Anchor Text

Anchor text for your backlink must accurately match your source page. Variations are used, including with your brand name.


Contact a Backlink Building Expert

Schedule a backlink building strategy call to understand how this SEO service can be leveraged to support your marketing goals.

Backlink Building Service FAQ

Our link building packages are made to be flexible, so that no matter the size of your current marketing goals, there will be an option for you. Monthly guest posting and press release placement are two cost-effective options. However, link building is most effective when done at scale. 

Link-building efforts require time-consuming outreach work that typically takes about 20 hours a month to place 3 high-quality inbound links. The type of link strategy, your content production capabilities, and the maturity of your website will all influence the resources a backlink outreach service will need to succeed. 

There are many factors that impact the speed of results seen from backlink services. Like ranking for content in general, the speed of backlink impact can vary greatly, from just one week to several months. This is ultimately influenced by the backlink’s quality, your current backlink profile and the age of your domain. 

A link building campaign that targets link-magnet content, Wikipeida and educational links, and social media links will take more time to produce, but the links may be more valuable and likely produce more passive links in the process.

Search engines still consider quality backlinks to be one of the most important metrics for determining how they rank web content. 

Today there are plenty of white hat tactics that digital marketing agencies employ to help boost SEO performance for websites, many of which are listed on this page. Contact us to learn more about how we can apply modern backlink building techniques to your business.